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For more detailed information please download a copy of the Granitgard Technical Guide which is 1,343 Kb in Adobe format.

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Blockaid is a revolutionary brush-on or gun-in physical termite barrier. Blockaid is made using rubber modified bitumen and natural plant extracts.

Blockaid is water based and non-toxic. Blockaid works to effectively block termites because the bitumen component provides excellent durability and adhesion, the rubberised polymers provide flexibility and strength, and the plant extracts make it unpalatable when termites try to bite it.

Blockaid brushed onto a wallApplying a bead of Blockaid into a construction joint is a simple process.


Blockaid to a jointBlockaid may be applied to produce a barrier on buried or concealed masonry retaining walls to produce a termite resistant membrane.

Granitgard Blockaid, like Granitgard stone and strip shielding, has passed extensive testing in some of Australia’s most severly termite infested areas.

Ernie the Echidna is the Blockaid mascotBlockaid is covered by CSIRO Appraisal 314. Blockaid is independently recognised as satisfying the performance requirements of
AS 3660.1. The CSIRO Appraisal quotes Blockaid as having an “expected effective life span of not less than 50 years”.