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NATURAL stone lasts a long, long time.


Safe & Lasting



GRANITGARD - Fills the void in termite barrier systems



For more detailed information please download a copy of the Granitgard Technical Guide which is 1,343 Kb in Adobe format.

The Granitgard Guide in pdf       Get Adobe Acrobat

imageADD VALUE to your home. Granitgard is an investment that adds long-term value to your new home. Chemical barriers are poisons in the environment and may devalue your investment (just as asbestos has done). Purchasers of buildings with Granitgard barriers know that they can expect lower ongoing maintenance costs.

YOU can rest easy knowing that Granitgard has been developed over more than 15 yrs in conjunction with CSIRO & is used successfully in more than 150,000 buildings across Australia. Granitgard is installed in compliance with Australian Standards, the Building Code of Australia (Granitgard was the first Nationally Accredited termite barrier system) and CSIRO Appraisals 250, 269 & 314.

The comprehensive 10 year extendable warranty* is not reliant on you paying for costly on-going retreatments.

Granitgard barriers save you money because they do not require regular, costly replenishments.  Chemical barriers degrade, Granitgard stays.

Get SpecificationA draft specification in Word format for your builder/contractor is available for download:

*See your Installer for details