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For more detailed information please download a copy of the Granitgard Technical Guide which is 1,343 Kb in Adobe format.

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How does a Granitgard stone barrier work?
Granitgard particles principally work in three ways. They are too hard for termites to chew, they are generally too big for termites to move, they sit closely together so that termites cannot squeeze through.

How long will my Granitgard physical termite barrier system remain effective?
Granitgard stone is already many millions of years old, so it is unlikely to fail before the rest of the building.  Granitgard strip shielding and Blockaid have been tested & assessed by others as meeting a 50 year durability requirement.

Can I install it myself?
In a word, no.  Termites only need a little more than a one millimetre gap to get in.  In order to maintain quality and offer an industry-leading warranty, only a small army of 500+ specially trained and licencedtradespeople are permitted to install Granitgard products.

How often should my home be inspected?
Australian Standards stipulate a 'competent' inspection at least once a year and more often in high risk areas.  Regular inspection by appropriate professionals is always recommended but you can and should keep an eye on things in between. See your Granitgard Maintenance Instructions* and Treatment Certificate* for details of inspection requirements to maintain warranty cover.

How does Blockaid work?
Blockaid blocks termites because the bitumen component provides excellent durability and adhesion, the rubberised polymers provide flexibility and strength, and, for termites, the plant extracts are unpalatable.  Blockaid cures to form a solid but flexible mass that stays strongly bound to common building substrates.

How much does Granitgard cost?
Pricing depends on construction type and location, but is generally not more than 1% of the cost of the home.  Over the years, Granitgard becomes much less costly than chemical systems. Granitgard installation is not franchised and in many areas, Installer companies will compete for your business.

How often will my system need maintenance?
Granitgard barriers are intended to last the economic life of a building.  Unless disturbed by some outside force, a Granitgard barrier system should not require any maintenance beyond the simple steps detailed in the Maintenance Instructions*. Consult your licenced Installer before beginning any building works or repairs that might damage or conceal the barriers.

How do I become a Granitgard Installer?
Prospective Installers with trade backgrounds should contact Granitgard Pty ltd by email or telephone on 03 9311 3885

*There are examples of the Granitgard Maintenance Instructions and Treatment Certificate in the Granitgard Technical Guide