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TickThe Granitgard physical termite barrier system can be applied in almost all building situations.

All Granitgard products are covered by the same exceptional warranty package.




For more detailed information please download a copy of the Granitgard Technical Guide which is 1,343 Kb in Adobe format.

The Granitgard Guide in pdf       Get Adobe Acrobat

imageGranitgard is the choice for long-life non-toxic termite protection for new construction. Granitgard works and won't harm you or the environment.

Granitgard stone has been assessed by the Australian Environmental Labelling Association as the most sustainable physical termite barrier.

Granitgard, originally developed with CSIRO, has been exhaustivelly tested and approved.  Granitgard's installation methods are described in Australian Standard 3660.1 (2000) and in 1992 the system was the first to achieve a National Accreditation from the Australian Uniform Building Regulations Co-ordinating Council. 

how long willit last?We believe that you can confidently count on your Granitgard barriers to be still working effectively when we are all old and grey.