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tickTo obtain standard details of Granitgard installations and a specification, download the Technical Guide (see below) or contact your local licenced Granitgard installer.  Standard installation diagrams are also found in AS 3660.1



tickIf you need further information, please either send an email or call the Granitgard Information Line on
1-800 032 549.






Granitgard inspection zone marker





tickFor detailed information on how and where Granitgard barriers are applied, please download a copy of the Granitgard Technical Guide which is 1,343 Kb in Adobe format.

The Granitgard Guide in pdf       Get Adobe Acrobat

Granitgard istallation straight from the bagThe Granitgard physical termite barrier system offers affordable, long-lasting, non-toxic protection against the devastation of subterranean termites. Installation by specially trained tradespeople is a quick and easy process.

Granitgard barriers give whole-of-home termite protection which extends beyond structural components to include all timber in the building, such as kitchen and bathroom joinery, as well as electrical wiring and plaster. This complete protection is achieved without exposure to pesticides. The costs, health risks and inconveniance of retreatments, which are essential for chemical barriers, are avoided with Granitgard.

AELAThe Granitgard product has recently been assessed and accepted by the AELA as compliant to the requirements of the Good Environmental Choice label.  So not only has Granitgard been positively assesed by CSIRO, Standards Australia and the Building Codes Board, but it is also shown to be the most sustainable physical termite barrier system option.

To prevent termites moving through cracks in masonry walls the GranitgardGranitgard strip shielding in an exterior masonry wall. system incorporates strip shielding. Strip shielding is placed so that it creates a visible line in the masonry near the base of exterior walls. This defines the top of the AS 3660.1 specified 75 mm inspection zone where any termite activity can be readily detected. 

Granitgard barriers are quick and simple to install. The work is carried out with a minimum of disruption to other trades, in almost all weather conditions, without risking the health of people on or nearby the site.

The subcontractor carrying out the Granitgard installation will provide a termite barrier to the following areas as required:

  1. Perimeter of building
  2. Penetrations through the concrete slab
  3. Construction Joints in the slab
  4. Step Downs or Retaining Walls which are continuous with the building
  5. Under Slab (if slab not a termite barrier) or Under Suspended Floor (if subfloor is inaccessible or has clearance of less than 400 mm)